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Europe 1900 January 24, 2008 Lecture 3: The Causes of World War I - At the time, Democratic policies are easier if everyone is more similar to each other. - By 1914, all of Africa has been colonized except for Ethiopia. - Germany wants to expand its empire by taking over surrounding nation-states. - German isolation before World War I: Baghdad railway, frightens Russians; Balkan Wars and First and Second Moroccan crises. - British and French conspiring against German’s to keep them from getting more colonies. - Triple Entente (1907): Russia, France and Britain, agreement to go to war against Germany if necessary. - Central powers (Germany, Austro-Hungary) vs. Triple entente - War is popular, expected to settle a lot of problems. - German rich, youths excited for war. - Peasants near Russia not excited, many illiterate and unaware why they are fighting this war. - Propaganda comes out to convince people to fight. Engineering War
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