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Europe 1900 March 4 - Uses images of Lenin to remind people...

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Europe 1900 March 4, 2008 - The USSR under Lenin: Class trumps ethnicity. Peasants turned into workers turned into Soviet citizens. - Lenin dies in 1924. In Lenin’s will he insulted every major leader in the party. Lev Trotsky is the successor to Lenin, Trotsky negotiates Breslagovs treaty. - Stalin at time is General Secretary and he has the most power at the moment. - Stalin in charge of Kommissar’s, hires all people he is friends with so that when Lenin dies he will have power. - Stalin begins to try and lead people to not follow Trotsky, saying he is a Jew and not a Russian. Russia has many people who don’t like Trotsky. - Stalin uses: State terror, The Great Purges and Nationalities policy. - Marx was Jewish but didn’t regard himself as a Jew. - Stalin nationalities policies; Antisemitism… - Stalin’s cult of personality; Postage stamps with Marx, Lenin and Stalin on them.
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Unformatted text preview: Uses images of Lenin to remind people of his connection to Lenin. Images of Lenin smiling down on Stalin on posters. Pictures painted of Lenin turning to Stalin asking for advice. Basically saying, Lenin the father of the Russian revolution, was close to Stalin and trusted him. Lenin, in reality didn’t like Stalin, but Stalin tries to convince the people of Russia that he was very important to Lenin and helped him.-Stalin would eventually execute many of the people around him in high power in Russia.-Stalin used airbrushing to make him look gentler and presentable in photos.-Stalin would crop pictures of himself into pictures with Lenin that were not real. Stalin needed the Lenin connection to get into the good graces of Russia.-...
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