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Europe 1900-Present January 17, 2008 Europe in 1914 - 1% of France protestant, .3% Jewish - Very few people would declare themselves French at the time - Stalin and Hitler had their images tampered through photos and broadcasts to appear more powerful. - WWI and WWII solved few of the problems the wars were started over, leading to the cold war. - Industrialization a large part of European history. - Legal Framework: Max Weber (Monopoly of Violence, racist?)
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Unformatted text preview: Power vs. Authority Liberalism vs. Illiberalism (Communism, Fascism)-Weber in power from 1914 to death in early 1920’s, becomes democratic near the end.-Power is the ability to compel somebody to do something, authority is the ability to persuade somebody to do what you want. Cultural Heterogeneity-Confession vs. Nationality-Nationality vs. Ethnicity-“Race” vs. Class-East vs. West...
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