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ANT 227 Homework #2 Spring 2008 Due - This assignment includes some drawing, so it will be difficult to e- mail. 1. What are the two basic classes of cells? What is the difference between them in terms of: a. the number chromosomes in their nucleus b. the name of the process by which they are produced 2. From what cell were all cells in the body (somatic cells) derived, and through what process? 3. a. What are the two types of nucleic acids? b. What is the name of each, and what do the initials stand for? 4. Draw a short piece of a DNA molecule, labeling the three types of component parts. 5. a. Where in the cell is most DNA found? b. What structure does it comprise? 6. Draw out the process of DNA replication, and provide a brief explanation. 7. Provide a brief explanation of the process of transcription and of translation (the two steps in protein synthesis). 8. Why is DNA replication so important?
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Unformatted text preview: What does it allow for? 9. Why is protein synthesis so important? 10. Draw out the process of mitosis. 11. Draw out the process of meiosis. 12. Name four differences between the two kinds of cell division. 13. Make a Punnett square for each of the following crosses: a. a man who can roll his tongue (and is homozygous for this trait) with a woman who cannot tongue-roll b. a man and a woman both of whom are PTC tasters, but are heterozygous for the trait AND are both heterozygous for albinism (carried by a recessive gene) c. a colorblind woman with a man who has normal color vision (THIS IS A SEX- LINKED TRAIT! hint, hint ) 14. a. What are the three kinds of gene mutations we discussed? b. For kind is potentially the least damaging? Why (how can it not be deleterious)? Reader chapters: 10 : 1-3 17 : 1-4 35 : 1-4...
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