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HwkIFinDrtSp06 - H ADM 201 Homework I Due Friday 2:00 pm...

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H ADM 201: Homework I Due Friday, February 10, 2006. 2:00 pm Name:_____________________________________________ Please check your recitation section in the space provided below : H ADM 201, Section 1. (Mondays 4:40 PM: Michelle Tong) H ADM 201, Section 2. (Mondays 7:40 PM: Michelle Tong) H ADM 201, Section 3. (Tuesdays 4:30 PM: Melanie Pope) H ADM 201, Section 4. (Tuesdays 7:40 PM: Melanie Pope) This cover page must be stapled to the homework you turn in. It is the front page of your homework. Make sure to fill out the information requested above. GRADING SHEET MAXIMUM SCORE SCORE EARNED
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H ADM 201 Homework 1 Spring 2006 For questions 1 and 2, evaluate whether the statements are true or false. If false, provide an example which contradicts the statement. Question 1. If two events are mutually exclusive, then they are also independent. Question 2. If two events are independent, then they are also mutually exclusive. Question 3. jetBlue Airways has a long-standing policy of not overbooking their flights.
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