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Political Science 327 5th paper

Political Science 327 5th paper - Transcending Sectors...

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Transcending Sectors Municipal governments face serious challenges in their attempt to improve urban communities. Unfortunately, these governments face outstanding challenges in the sectors of education and public safety. To work through these obstacles it is necessary to asses the opportunities available to better strategize solutions. Even though public safety and education are two different sectors, many of their problems are interrelated. Improving municipal problems requires assessing opportunities and challenges, as well as, seeing the connections between inter-sector problems so that the outcome is stronger. A problem with education is it is a highly local issue. National politicians can not do much to relieve its challenges (Traub 2). There are currently around 14,000 school districts in the U.S., and each school district has substantial control over things. Most of the time, the responsibility of getting the bulk of the funding raised, as well as, controlling academic programs is a local issue. Factors that indirectly affect schooling are now appearing to be the real challenge to education rather than more funding. In the past more funding to these schools has not produced better performances (Rothstein 1). Experts are beginning to believe that there are “overpowering economic problems” and “social pathologies” which impede educational equality (Traub 3). Studies are beginning to show that a student's neighborhoods, peers, and families are possibly the biggest factor in determining the quality of their education. Children don’t attend school until age five; when they do attend it’s only for 180 days out of the year, and for only six to seven hours a day. It just makes sense that the most important things to determine the quality of education are things that don’t happen in school. These studies show conclusive evidence that small
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