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Neo-conservatism-moderate political conservatism espoused or advocated by former liberals or socialists 4 generalizations of Black neoconservatives- 1. restructure public discourse on black issues by shifting the burden of responsibility on blacks for their political and economic plight 2. shifted the terrain from the expansion of civil rights by negating the existence of racism as historical determinants in the lives of blacks 3. destabilization of post civil rights leadership and show black cultural traditions as a source of inequality 4. They hope to become a critical voice of new leadership in the black community and ultimately sway the percentage of black electorate in the republican party Three groups of black neoconservatives 1. Antistatists-( major belief is restricted role in government ,especially in social welfare and economic markets, and individual initiative) against imposing quotas on help for historic discrimination. Some support limited Affirmative Action such as limited social welfare, minority set-asides, and minority hiring preferences. Prominent Antistatists 80’s-Eleen M. Gardner, Glenn Lour, Thomas Sowell, And Walter Williams (Typically these people were opposed to government intervention in solving the plight of the poor, centering on African American urban poor) (Gardner believes education would end the reliance on govt. and abuse of Affirm action)
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2. Organics- (traditional fundamentalist conservative roots) they are known as “the religious far right” and the ultraconservative wing of the Rep party. They have Christian and traditional family ideologies. They gain media visibility with their opposition to liberal reform policies. They really offer nothing to women, minorities or the poor. They opposed Civil rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the expansion of these laws they support death penalty and oppose gun control, Equal rights amendment, abortions, affirm action, and school desegregation busing. They use many institutions such as think tanks, radio, and television talk shows to strengthen positions. Thesis of organics- They believe traditional family values and strong morals can reverse the moral hopelessness of urban decay and restore African American family life 3. Neoconservative (subgroup of total neoconservatives)- former liberals disillusioned (freed) with the liberal social agenda of 60s and are now opposed to liberalism, and more importantly to the expansion of Social Welfare state. Loosely based on former black power advocates, progressive liberals, socialists, and communists. They are usually based on meritocracy or a focus on self reliance to lead. They are in opposition to quotas Affirmative action, and minority set aside programs. They also make alliances with white conservatives just like the two other types of neoconservatives. Ex. Tony Brown, Clarence Thomas (Supreme Court justice),
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Political Science 324 First Exam Study Guide -...

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