Peloponnesian War

Peloponnesian War - Sicilian Expedition 416-413 BC Entire...

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Study Guide: Peloponnesian War- Ancient Greece → Athens → Positive → Rich and powerful → Big navy → Fortification walls around the city and harbors → Trade routes → Negative → Most allies weren’t allies → Sparta → Positive → Best army in Greece → Peloponnesian League (loyal allies) → Negative → No money → No ships → Causes → Growth of Athenian power and the fear that cause in Sparta → 431-421 BC → Summer → Spartans and allies would march to Athens and sit outside the fortification walls to wait for army to come out → Stayed only a couple of weeks → 429 BC → Plague hit Athens and 1/3 of population died → Athenians begin to attack some outposts of Spartan allies → 421 BC → Peace treaty signed → Interim → Athens added Melos by force
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Unformatted text preview: Sicilian Expedition 416-413 BC Entire Athenian force destroyed 413-404 BC Sparta declared war again Athens allies revolt Persia enters picture, provides Sparta with money for a navy 411 BC Brief overthrow of Athenian full democracy 406 BC Last Athenian victory Lost 10 victorious generals 405 BC Entire Athenian navy destroyed by Sparta 404 BC Athenians starved into surrender Results Athens lost empire, navy, walls New form of government put in place by Sparta 30 Tyrants- lasted 1 year Went back to moderate democracy Ionia handed over to Persia Athenian empire went under Spartan rule...
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Peloponnesian War - Sicilian Expedition 416-413 BC Entire...

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