Persian War - → Provides jobs for lower class citizens...

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Study Guide: Persian Wars- Ancient Greece → Athens sent help to Ionia to revolt again Persian rule (499-494 BC) → Captured/ burned Sardis → Revolt put down went Darius sent troops in 494 BC → 490 BC → Darius sent navy with soldiers to Athens because they sent Ionia help → Battle at Marathon → Athenians outnumbered → Hoplite army broke through Persian lines and even damaged some ships → Interim (10 years) → Athens builds navy → Smaller and faster ships than Persians
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Unformatted text preview: → Provides jobs for lower class citizens → 480 and 479 BC → Battle at Thermopylae → Limited land (steep cliff and gulf) → Leonidas → 300 Spartans and few other Greeks → Betrayed by a Greek → Spartans fought to the death → Naval defense at Artemesium → Purpose was to block Persian navy from going past Thermopylae → Salamis → Naval battle → Athenian ships defeated Persian navy → Plataea → Greeks victorious → 479 BC...
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