Struggle Ancient Rome

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Study Guide: Struggle- Ancient Rome → Struggle of the Orders → Patricians vs. Plebeians → 1. Creation of Tribune of the Plebs and Plebeian Assembly → 2. First written law for everyone to see (12 Tables) → Freedmen- slaves granted citizenship → 3. Opens consulship to plebeians (as well as Senate and priesthood) → 4. 338 BC Publilan Law passed → Laws can be passed without prior approval of Senate
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Unformatted text preview: → 5. Hortensian Law → Plebeian Assembly can pass laws binding on all citizens → Results → Accomplishes goals → Opens of Magistrate and Senate → Creates a new upper class (Nobilitas) → Includes all patricians and growing number of plebeians → 1 st consul in family is a “New Man”...
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