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Info Ancient Rome - → Paterfamilias → Father of...

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Study Guide: Information- Ancient Rome → Naming → 2 parts to the name → G. Marius → First name very general → 10 -12 different ones in all of Rome → Second name is equivalent to the last name (family name) → More prominent families had a third part to the name (G. Julius Caesar) → Women had the female name of the family name → Julian=Julia; Marius=Maria; Junias=Junia → Titles
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Unformatted text preview: → Paterfamilias → Father of household → Power of life and death of everyone and everything connected with household → Could sell into slavery → When died, every son becomes Paterfamilias in own right → Materfamilias → Wife of the paterfamilias → Married women were highly regarded, still not many rights → When paterfamilias dies, no longer materfamilias...
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