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Study Guide: Important People- Ancient Greece → Athens → Solon → Reforms to government → Census Reforms → Class system based on wealth → Cleisthenes → Set up the lottery system → 10 Tribes → Boule → Ostracism → Themistocles → Strategos → Came up with idea to have Athenian navy → Xerxes → Persian king → Darius the Great’s son → Thermopylae and Salamis → Leonidas → Led 300 Spartans at Thermopylae → Pericles → Aristocrat → Relative of Cleisthenes → Strategos, re-elected every year but one (461-429 BC) → Epaminondas
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Unformatted text preview: Created Boeotian League Important military reforms Leads to the point of Thebes being the leading state in Greece Philip II Turns Macedonia into strongest power in Greece Strongly unites Macedonia Set up boundaries for his kingdom Sets up policies Expansion Macedonian Phalanx Alexander the Great Campaign against Persia Gangamela (331 BC) Alexander surrounded but defeated Persians cause Darius fled Secures Persian cities and empire...
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