Social Classes Ancient Rome

Social Classes - → Slave labor → Cash crops(olives and grapes → Equestrians → Wealthiest Romans NOT in politics → Also buying latifundias

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Study Guide: Social Classes- Ancient Rome → Early Rome → Patricians → Aristocrats → By birth → Wealthiest → Only they can be magistrates, Senate, priests → Military commanded by patricians → Plebeians → Non-aristocrats → Intermarriage not allowed → After Struggle of the Orders → Nobilitas → If you or an ancestor has held the position of consulship → After Expansion → Nobilitas → Became extremely rich → Elected to consulship → Could not invest money in anything but buying land → Latifundia- plantations
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Unformatted text preview: → Slave labor → Cash crops (olives and grapes) → Equestrians → Wealthiest Romans NOT in politics → Also buying latifundias → Small Farmer class → Sicilian grain was running them out of business → Neglected their farms → Had to spend long years in military service → “Urban Poor” → Take over places without much money so limits jobs → Politics → Populares → Tr. pl. → Get laws passed → “Help poor- get votes → Optimates → Senate members → Tradition...
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