Study guide 1 - History 221 Brent Sirota Midterm Study...

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History 221 Brent Sirota Midterm Study Guide Anglo- Saxons: Group of peoples who came to “take over” Britain; Saxons were hired as mercenaries to rid of enemies, ended up taking over island Wessex: West Saxon; House of Wessex hold throne (Edward the Confessor) No heir leads to Norman Conquest, not conquered by Vikings, united all of England and ruled England (Alfred the Great, Edgar) Danegeld: English tribute to pay off Viking raiders, raised by kingdom wide land tax, led to Danish invasion Sheriffs: Monasticism: Renouncing worldly goods and devoting oneself to a wholly spiritual life; 2 types- Asceticism (forgoing of one’s body’s needs- eating sleeping, etc.) Anchorite/ hermit (replaced by cenobites- monks that live in communities) Augustine: Rome 596-7, came to Kent not allowed to come on land (magic), let my people choose you sound sincere, Canterbury Weregild: Man-price, used to forestall feuding, signigies value of original victim Wyrd: Fate (Beowulf), paganism, converted in Shakespeare (Macbeth), all encompassing power that made what happens happen, organizing principles Cnut: (r. 1014-1035) Viking king of England, Cnut the Great, married Emma (Ethelred’s widow), divided England into 4 kingdoms, brought peace and prosperity to England, son of King of Denmark, 1013 Danish Conquest, succession crisis, pulls England back into broader Scandinavian empire Earl Godwine: (1001-1053) Earl of Wessex, entrenched himself in court, 1051 Godwine and family exiled and stripped of powers (had become some of most powerful people in England) The Norman Conquest: 1066 William “the Conqueror”, William proclaimed he was the rightful heir (not Harold Godwineson), October 14, 1066 Battle of Hastings- Harold and brothers die in battle, William assumes the crown later that year. Domesday Survey: By William “the Conqueror”, make sure everyone swore
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course HISTORY 221 taught by Professor Sirota during the Fall '07 term at N.C. State.

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Study guide 1 - History 221 Brent Sirota Midterm Study...

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