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ABRSTRACT This project demonstrates an understanding of aerospace principals used to design and build  a radio controlled glider. Using the given foam and balsa wood team Alpha Beta Fly  attempted to make a canard type glider. They chose a canard because it creates larger  amounts of lift then a standard aircraft design, and because it seemed like it would be fun to  make. For their flights they used 175 pennies for the first flight and 101 pennies for the  second flight as weights. Due to the plane being too tail heavy, the best flight time was only 
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Unformatted text preview: 3.05 seconds and the other time was 1.76. Other reasons why Alpha Beta Fly’s glider did not have very long flight times were because the control surfaces did not effectively control the pitch of the glider. INTRO Gliders are heavier-than-air aircraft primarily intended for unpowered flight. A "glider" is an unpowered aircraft. The most common types of glider are today used for sporting purposes. The design of these types enables them to climb using rising air and then to glide for long distances before finding the next source of lift....
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