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Julie Pham Craddock AP Literature 30-November-2014 Setting is the physical location in which the action takes place. It includes time and place. Choose either Death of a Salesman or your student selected novel to write an essay in which you analyze the uses the author makes of it. The American Dream once meant having enough money to live comfortably and having a job that would provide enough money to clothe and feed the family. People seldom expected to become prosperous and famous. Now, the American Dream has turned into a desire to covet materialism. In “Death of a Salesman,” a play by Arthur Miller, the main character Willy Loman fails to function in the stereotypical role of a male provider that his American society demands for him. Throughout the play, Willy Lomanbelieves that becoming a salesman was the only way for him to obtain a successful life for him and his family, a life full of materialistic items and ultimately wealth. As Willy becomes disillusioned with this idea of the American Dream, we are presented with flashbacks of events in Willy’s life that lead him to the critical point of his mental instability. Through Willy’s delusions, we can see that Arthur Miller’s use of
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