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Julie Pham Craddock AP Literature 05-October-2014 The Style and Structure ofFencesby August Wilson Diction "The nigger has a watermelon this big” (40). August Wilson uses colloquial diction to evoke emotions and create images of inner city living. In particular the use of the 'n' word is used to express the tight knit bond that is shared between most African Americans in this setting.Fenceswith the use of colloquial diction, accurately captures these differing lifestyles by using the vernacular of an African American from that time period. In addition, this heightens the theme of race in the story. All the characters in the play are African American, and they must deal with racism everyday.Fencesdepicts what it was like in the decade before the Civil Rights Movement that caused such radical change in America. Foreshadowing "I see where you be eyeing her” (60). Bono and Troy’s dialogue foreshadows several plot elements. Concerned for Troy’s family life, Bono inquires about Troy’s relationship with a woman named Alberta. This
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