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Julie Pham Craddock AP Literature 05-October-2014 Conflict Chart forFences byAugust Wilson Protagonist: Troy Maxson Situation causing conflict Cory struggles to have a relationship with Troy due to Troy's resistance to allow Cory to make a career out of football. The desire by Troy to have his son begin to work for his money rather than play football because he feels that it will get him nowhere and Troy’s exclusion from playing major league baseball. The role of being a loving Father versus being a providing Father. Troy feels no need to be a loving father as long as he provides for his children e.g. how he treats Cory and Lyons. Troy's kids constantly seek to be approved by him and to see his emotions to assure that he loves them for example: Cory attempts to seek his father’s approval by mentioning to him that Coach Zellman will be coming from North Carolina for him to sign the permission papers.
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