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REL 131: Religion in America Dr. M. Finch WEB SITE REVIEW GUIDELINES What’s the point? Many religious groups in the U.S. have been looked upon unfavorably by the general public—or, at least, some organizations believe that they are misunderstood by outsiders. Some groups have an ax to grind— an activist stance to take against other religious groups. Others feel divinely led to take advantage of new technology in order to “spread the word.” In presenting itself in particular ways, especially through an exceptionally public and accessible media like the Internet, an organization strives to explain itself, to promote certain aspects that members feel will elicit more favorable opinions from the American public, or even to proselytize and draw new members into the fold. Oftentimes this is done by creating a Web site that presents the group in a very upbeat manner, as mainstream members of American social culture. On the other hand, some groups take a more reactionary, defensive stance and use their Web sites to
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