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OdysseyStudyGuideIV - 7 How does Odysseus describe the...

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The Odyssey Study Guide Books VIII, IX & X Discussion Questions 1. How is Demódokos, the “man of song,” portrayed in Book VIII? What is his position in the society? Describe the occasion and circumstances of his performance. What do you learn about poets like Homer from reading this book? 2. What is the subject of the first song (ll.78-103)? How does Odysseus react to it? 3. What is the purpose of the games? How is Odysseus challenged? Why is he reluctant to participate? 4. Why does Alkínoös call for a second song? What is the subject of the second song (ll.280-393)? What is the purpose of this story in the poem? 5. Why does Odysseus request the third song (ll.533-559)? How does he respond to this song? What do the Phaiákians now request in keeping with the customs of xenia ? 6. Book IX is comprised of two short adventures followed by a long adventure. What do the first two have in common and how do they differ from the third? What lessons can be learned from these adventures?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. How does Odysseus describe the Kyklopês? What particular customs make them seem uncivilized? Does Odysseus know they are related to the Phaiákians when he tells his story? 8. Explain the “nohbdy” pun and how it works to preserve Odysseus. 9. What flaws in the character of Odysseus are revealed in the scene with Polyphêmos? How do they haunt him through the rest of his voyages? 10. What does Aiolos do for Odysseus and his men? How do his men lose this advantage? What is the response of Odysseus? What does it tell us about his character? Why does Aiolos refuse to help again? 11. How does Odysseus approach the land of the Laistrygonians? What has he learned from his experience with Polyphêmos? 12. Who is Kirkê and what does she do to men? How does Odysseus conquer her? What does Kirkê tell them they must do? What happens to Elpênor? Names to Remember Demódokos Aiolos Kikonês Laistrygonians Lotos Eaters Kirkê Kyklopês Elpênor Polyphêmos...
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