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GenesisStudyGuide - Genesis Study Guide CC 101 Discussion...

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Genesis Study Guide CC 101 Discussion Questions 1. Are the scenes and situations of the first eleven chapters of Genesis paradigmatic? Does the relationship between Adam and Eve represent all relationships between men and women? Do Cain and Abel represent all brothers? Does Babel represent all cities? 2. Do the people we find in Genesis need a God? Why? To be happier? To be more moral? To survive? What does God’s covenant do for them? 3. Does the first creation story describe how the world actually came into being? Or does it reveal how people create order out of their experience with the natural world? Is this sense of order fundamentally scientific or philosophical? 4. What about the second creation story? Is it more credible than the first? Or less? Can you explain why there are two stories? Are their differences significant? 5. Does the fact that different authors in different centuries wrote the stories of Genesis detract from the authority and coherence of the book as a history inspired by God? 6. Why do you believe the stories in Genesis are so compelling? Are they read simply because they are part of a sacred text? Or is there something about the way they are written that has
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