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Unformatted text preview: The Republic Study Guide Book IV Discussion Questions 1. How does Socrates answer Adeimantus’s objection that the guardians of the city will not be happy? (419a) 2. Why, according to Socrates, are wealth and poverty bad for the city? Why is innovation to be discouraged? 3. In emphasizing the importance of having common interests, Socrates advocates arranging marriages and having children in common. Although he doesn’t pursue this argument here, he does provide some reasons for his views. What are they? (424a) 4. Why is education a better way of creating virtuous citizens than the establishment of comprehensive laws? 5. What are the four virtues of a good city? Why is each of these virtues important? 6. The fourth virtue, justice, is essential to the appearance of the other three. Why? How does Socrates define this virtue here? Is this definition consistent with his previous remarks? 7. What are the three classes of the city? Why is “meddling” among these classes the greatest harm to the city? 7....
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