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The Odyssey Study Guide Discussion Questions 1. Telémakhos now shows he is as skillful as his father in dissembling. Describe his strategy in the opening scene of Book XVII. 2. Why does Athena ask Odysseus to “learn who are the decent lads, and who are vicious” when, as she says, “not one can be excused from death”? (XVII 471-473). Cite two situations where a character is uncharitable or violates the code of xenia . Cite two situations where a character is charitable or hospitable. Why did the Greeks believe it was important to be kind to beggars? 3. What does the scene with Argos the dog illustrate? 4. How does Antínoös earn the first arrow of Odysseus? 5. Amphínomos is more complex than the other suitors in that he is not entirely unsympathetic. Why does Odysseus, still disguised as a beggar, warn him to leave the house? Why does Amphínomos fail to heed his
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