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The Republic Study Guide Book VII Discussion Questions 1. Describe the cave in Socrates’ allegory. How is our truth a shadow of an imitation? 2. Socrates returns to the notion of being three steps removed from the truth in Book X, where he argues that artists, who are only interested in appearance, imitate objects that in themselves are only reflections of the true ideas. By using similes, allegories, and imagery to convey truths, is Socrates being inconsistent? Is he using literary devices with no basis in either the real world or the ideal world to depict or suggest what is true? 3. Why would the philosopher, who has seen the truth outside the cave, be ridiculed by those still in the cave? (517a) 4. Socrates argues that teachers are wrong in presuming they “put into the soul knowledge that isn’t in it.” What does he believe they do? (518c-518d) 5. Socrates returns to a discussion of the education of the guardians by declaring that there are five areas of study
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Unformatted text preview: essential for the young: (1) numbers and calculation, (2) geometry, (3) solid geometry, (4) astronomy, and (5) dialectic. What is significant about the order of these subjects? Are they ranked? (534e) 6. How does Socrates demonstrate that the senses may be misleading and that knowledge depends on intelligence? (523b-526b) What is the role of numbers in this argument? 7. What is the value of studying geometry? 8. What is the value of studying solid geometry? 9. What is the value of studying astronomy? 10. Why is the study of dialectic the most important? 11. How are children chosen to be guardians? (535a-537a) 12. Socrates believes that the guardians should only undertake certain endeavors at certain ages. a. What should be undertaken at 20? b. What should be undertaken at 30? c. What should be undertaken at 35? d. What should be undertaken at 50? Terms to Remember Allegory of the Cave Five areas of study...
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