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The Odyssey Study Guide Discussion Questions 1. Why is Odysseus put ashore in Ithaka while he is asleep? Compare his arrival in Ithaka to his arrival in Skhería. What is similar? What is different? 2. What do Athena and Odysseus have in common? What instructions does she give him? How does she disguise him? How does she reassure him about Telémakhos? 3. Some critics have found Eumaios to be one-dimensional in his kindness and generosity. Why is he depicted so favorably? What does he represent in the story? 4. What is the first thing Eumaios says to Odysseus (disguised as a beggar)? How does he demonstrate xenia ? Why does the poet address Eumaios directly with the words “O my swineherd”? 5. Analyze the story Odysseus makes up about himself in the guise of a beggar. What does he say to evoke sympathy from Eumaios and create a bond between them? Where does his story parallel the truth? Note the
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Unformatted text preview: playful irony of his remarks about himself. How does Eumaios respond? 6. Why does Odysseus tell the story of the cloak? Is it to deprive his host of comfort? Is it to test him? Or is there another reason? 7. What does Athena tell Telmakhos to hasten his return to Ithaka? Why does he welcome Theoklmenos, an admitted killer of kin, on board? Is Telmakhos right to hand his guest over to someone else? 8. Describe the scene when Telmakhos appears at the hut of Eumaios. Explain why he is so frustrated over the issue of xenia . 9. What does Telmakhos say when Odysseus the beggar asks him if he has any support to drive out the suitors? 10. Why does Telmakhos doubt his father when he finally reveals himself to him? How does Odysseus reassure him? 11. What is Odysseuss plan to recover his home? Names to Remember Eumaios Theoklmenos...
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