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Hwk10GdDrtSp06 - H ADM 201 Homework X Due 2:00 pm Friday...

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H ADM 201: Homework X Due 2:00 pm Friday, May 5, 2006 (Though no points for lateness will be deducted unless submission occurs after 2:00 pm Monday, May 8) Name:_____________________________________________ Please check your recitation section in the space provided below : H ADM 201, Section 1. (Mondays 4:40 PM: Michelle Tong) H ADM 201, Section 2. (Mondays 7:40 PM: Michelle Tong) H ADM 201, Section 3. (Tuesdays 4:40 PM: Melanie Pope) H ADM 201, Section 4. (Tuesdays 7:40 PM: Melanie Pope) This cover page must be stapled to the homework you turn in. It is the front page of your homework. Make sure to fill out the information requested above. GRADING SHEET MAXIMUM SCORE SCORE EARNED
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H ADM 201 Homework X Spring 2006 Question 1. Uno Pizzeria, a leading national fast-casual restaurant chain, recently completed a comprehensive study in association with the Hotel School to determine, based on a variety of factors, how much total sales a server will bring in during any one period. Since the analysis was very advanced and the data set involved over 20 predictors, management wanted a smaller, executive summary type analysis: please use the attached data file which shows each servers average check per person as well as three predictors of their ability to sell: 1) MTBI Score (a personality measure); 2) Height; and 3) An index of the length and quality of the individual’s previous work experience. Data appears in Hwk10Q1DatSp06.. A) Plot the dependent variable against each of the three independent variables and briefly describe the relationships. B) Fit a multiple linear regression model to the data using all three predictor variables and determine the estimated regression equation. C) Give the ANOVA table for regression and perform a significance test of the null hypothesis H 0 1 2 3 0 : β β β = = = vs H a : Not H o . Compute test statistic and p-value (yes, compute them; they are easily checked on the output). Carefully state your conclusions D) Make plots of residuals versus predicted values, and a normal probability plot of the residuals. What do these plots tell you?
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