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The Odyssey Study Guide Discussion Questions 1. Describe Hermês’ flight to Ogygia and the scene there when he arrives. Why does Homer put so much emphasis on description in this poem? 2. What is Odysseus doing when we first see him? Why is this significant? 3. Analyze the dialogue about Penelope between Kalypso and Odysseus. How does he avoid offending Kalypso when speaking of his wife? 4. Examine the five similes Homer uses in describing the difficulties of Odysseus as he endures the storm and reaches unfamiliar land. a. l.338 b. l.381 c. l.411 d. l.451 e. l.513 What is he attempting to describe in each simile and how is it effective? 5. Why does Odysseus bury himself beneath a pile of leaves when he arrives on land at the end of Book V? 6. What is the history of the Phaiákians? With whom are they associated? 7. How does Athena intervene to aid Odysseus on Skhería? 8. Why is Nausikaa a potential threat to Odysseus? Examine the behavior and speech of Odysseus when he first
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