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Lecture 2 Notes - Lecture 2 Notes Chapter 1: Introduction...

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Lecture 2 Notes Chapter 1: Introduction The Breadth of Psychology’s Content - Watching the Living Brain o All that we do, know and feel are made possible by the functioning of the brain. Psychologists monitor the brain, moment by moment, the level of metabolic activity in different parts of the brain, allowing them to ask which brain regions are especially active when someone is in a particular mental state. This sort of evidence makes it clear that many brain regions are involved, working together as a team. - Examining Memory o Close examination of the brain have been best studied when psychologists focus on the person’s thinking and behavior. We have learned a great deal about how people remember, including what factors help them to remember and what factors lead to gaps in what they recall and also some factors that can lead an eyewitness to “recall” things that just are not true. - Innate Capacities o Our memories carry the records of all our experiences and these experiences play an enormous role in shaping who we are and how we act. Some achievements seem to depend on little beyond the basic capacities that all of us bring into the world when we are both. For example, the toddler and the toy mouse on a small cage. The toddler is surprised when it is perceived that one mouse is added yet there is still only one mouse in the cage. - Displays and Communication o Much of the subject matter of psychology is inherently social. This holds for animals as well as for humans because all animals interact with other members of their species. Many of these interactions depend on some kind of communication which are usually specific to a particular species and have arisen as a consequence of natural selection – the process that is at
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Lecture 2 Notes - Lecture 2 Notes Chapter 1: Introduction...

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