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Jonathan Bateman Walker Understanding Mass Media 28 January 2007 Magazine Ad The Magazine ad I chose from Rolling Stone magazine is an advertisement for Boost Mobile. The ad pictures the back of a muscular man covered in tattoos. The advertisements slogan simply asks, “Where you at?” The ad is trying to appeal to a young demographic probably young men and women ages between 17-35 by showing another young person who looks hip and “in”. The slogan is simple and attempts to attract the attention of young people by using slang and using a preposition to end the sentence,
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Unformatted text preview: which is grammatically incorrect to show a certain tough attitude. The picture and the slogan work to show that Boost Mobile is the mobile company that all young “in” people are using. The advertisement is attempting to convey a strong and hard hitting image that young people are drawn to. The advertisement is stereotypical in that it uses what is seemingly attractive to all young people. The ad is directed at the young middle class demographic that may relate to the man in the advertisement....
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