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Michael Toran Journal 3 In class the other day, we were given a pack of Kool-aid mix to teach us how anyone can be classically conditioned. Classical Conditioning is creating a trigger to cause a physiological effect. The example we did in class was, after hearing a sound, we would put a very sour sugar on our tongues(salivating). Eventually, we didn’t even need the sugar. If we just heard the sound, everybody would just instantly salivate. Dr. Pavlov is famous for coming up with this technique. The famous experiment was Pavlov’s dogs. He basically did the same thing to dogs. He would ring a bell, and show the dogs a steak. He repeatedly did this until eventually all he had to do was ring a bell, and the dogs
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Unformatted text preview: would start salivating. Being an athlete all my life, I suppose I’ve always known about this concept of classical conditioning. Some coaches tell their athletes to do a physical act every time they score a goal or get a best time. This is supposed to eventually become a trigger to have your body recognize you want to do this again, and set up your muscles to do so. Such as, being a swimmer, everytime I get up on the block I have a bunch of pre-race psych-up routines to get me ready. This is supposed to bring up the muscle memory for my body to know to go fast....
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