The Big Catch - Loughman 1 Rob Loughman June 20, 2007...

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Loughman 1 Rob Loughman June 20, 2007 English 101 Pictorial Essay The Big Catch Why do people take picture? It’s because pictures have a special power about them. A single flash of the camera captures and freezes a moment in time, most of which have some significant importance. A special part of a photograph is that they have the power capturing more then just an image. It’s a time capsule to the past that freezes the memories of good times, special moments, and priceless events. When looking at a picture you see color, objects, and scenery, but what’s remarkable is how all these aspects interact. However, it is what you can’t see though that holds the magic. This picture is not only one of my favorites, but my parents as well. It captures a time of great significance to me. It is of a time after graduating from high school, and before I went to college. This is not just a good picture of me, but it captures my personality and lifestyle. It was taken last June in 2006. This is a picture of me holding up a bass along the shore of Long Lake. My back is to the lake showing the beautiful scenery. The like gray sky of thunderclouds from the night before is reflecting off the tranquil water of this early afternoon. In the background are some lily pads, the opposite shore, and the big blue water tower that sits on top of the hill. The first thing in focus is the big bass, then my facial expression, then the lake and
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Loughman 2 opposite shore. The main focus however, is me standing alone holding up the fish for the camera. Along with me is my best friend Ryan who also graduated with me, and who also enjoys fishing; he also took this picture which hangs in my living room. What is special about this picture is that it captures what I enjoy in life in a single frame. I am no stranger to fishing. I have a lot of fishing experience from fresh water to salt water. This is in part because my uncle is also an avid angler who took me on many fishing excursions. He taught me the tricks of the trade, sights and signs of great “hit”
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The Big Catch - Loughman 1 Rob Loughman June 20, 2007...

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