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Loughman 1 Leo Rob Loughman English Comp. I July 11, 2007 Research Paper Aging in Place The baby boomer generation is just turning sixty and is much healthier than sixty year olds in previous generations. The baby boomers were born in a unique period of time. After World War II there was a new sense of hope for the future and with that a new generation was born. They were hippies that fought for equal rights for women, then gays, and abortion. They had flower power and lived for sex, drugs, and rock and roll. They have become the wealthiest generation yet are also the most obese, most drug abusing, and have the most crime problems. They have also had the biggest increase in AIDS and HIV infections. The baby boomers are a wild generation and a lot of them still have not lost their wild side at sixty. With such a large generation aging, retirement has become an increasingly important topic. Surveys have indicated that eighty percent of Americans over fifty want to keep working into their retirement years to give back to the community or simply because they have to (CBS News 1-2). With such a healthy and active generation and plans to continue working, many boomers want to be able to age in their own homes instead of in assisted living communities or nursing homes. The concept of aging in place has emerged out of all of this concern, and may be the new solution to getting older. The boomers are not going anywhere soon, so accommodations need to be made for the growing population of seniors.
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Loughman 2 The definition of “Aging in Place” means that one can continue to live in their own households as they grow older without having to move to some sort of assisted living community (Senior Resource 1). Older people want to live in familiar surroundings with the least restriction possible (Bernard, Zimmerman, Eckert 238). This can be accomplished by designing houses with universal design. Universal design was coined by Ron Mace, an architect, product designer, and
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Copy of Aging in Place - Loughman 1 Leo Rob Loughman...

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