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Coaching Philosophy Paper The statement “Success is getting a group of players to play together, as a unit, play hard, and reach their potential while having fun“ in a nut shell, is the core of my coaching philosophy. All players should enjoy their time as being apart of the team. I want all my players to play with the best interests of the team first, before any thought is given to individual accomplishments. On my team, no coach or player is more important than the team its self. We go out to battle together, and through our comradery and fraternity, we play our hearts out. Energy, positive encouragement and a little personal attention from a coach really help players have positive and strong basketball experiences. A lot of this can be attained from the players when they develop an understanding and connection to the word team. As a coach, I believe it is important to try to find a role for all players on the team and let them know how they are doing. I encourage positive reinforcement, but its also important being honest and truthful
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