FINAL EXAM ANSWERS- review - Structuralism vs....

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Structuralism vs. functionalism: Structuralism: is the atoms of the mind. Wundt and tichner did experiments in Germany Functionalism: (William James) the functions of our thoughts and feelings Types of psychologists: Biological: explores links between state and mind Developmental: studies changing abilities from womb to tomb Cognitive: studies how we think perceive and solve problems Personality: studies our persistent traits Social: studies how we view and affect one another Industrial/organizational: workplace Counseling: academic, vocational, marital Clinical: treats psycho disorders Case study: studying one person to find underlying trait issues Clinical: (form of case study) where therapists investigate a problem associated with a client Naturalistic: observing and recording animals in the wild Critical thinking and why you need it. Critical thinking does not blindly accept arguments and conclusions. It examines assumptions, discerns, and hidden values. Evaluates evidence and assesses conclusions Standard deviation: a computed measure of how much scores vary around the mean. Nervous system:
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FINAL EXAM ANSWERS- review - Structuralism vs....

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