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journal #11

journal #11 - with their father First it is a very odd...

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The father son relationship in both Buried Child and in Fences seems to have some kind of strain on it. Neither come off as the typical father-son relationship you’d see today. For example, Troy and Cory just never seen like actually do love each other. Troy is hell bent on Cory never following his dream of playing college football, whereas most fathers would be extremely proud of their son for have that type of athletic ability. Cory tries non-stop to start any type of conversation with Troy, but it just doesn’t happen. Troy seems very distant from Cory, and shoots down basically everything Cory says with one or two words. It is no fault of Cory, Tory just doesn’t seem interested. In Buried Child, we get kind of the same relationship between a couple of different characters. Dodge has two sons, Tilden and Bradley. Both of them seem to have issues
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Unformatted text preview: with their father. First, it is a very odd exchange with Tilden and Dodge when Tilden comes in with the corn. They have a long argument about whether corn actually exists in the backyard. That doesn’t really seem like something a father and son should be arguing about. His other son, Bradley is just plain weird. Bradley is determined to shave his fathers head. Again, something that is just very odd. Dodge doesn’t seem necessarily happy to ever see his sons, yet doesn’t want them to leave. Tilden also has a son, Vince, who he is convinced isn’t actually his son. When Vince goes to visit him, he keeps claiming he doesn’t recognize his own son. As you can see the father-son relationship is both books is very strained, and doesn’t seem to resemble what we think of today....
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