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journal #3 - The poem Uphill is a very interesting poem to...

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The poem Uphill is a very interesting poem to read and look at. The thing I noticed right away was the structure of the poem. I noticed how every other line was indented. Upon reading the poem, I noticed the lines that were indented were answers the ones that weren’t were questions. I think Rossetti might’ve done that to show two different people talking. The questions are being asked by someone and the answers are being given to him/her in the very next line. I also noticed the rhyme scheme which is obvious, with every other line in each stanza rhyming. It just gives the poem a nice flow when reading it. Upon actually reading and trying to understand the poem, I believe it has something to do with going to heaven. Lines 9 and 10 especially, “Shall I meet other wayfarers at night? Those who have gone before”. Those who have gone before is a very powerful line because it’s saying, will I meet people who have died before me? It’s
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