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NL East Preview 1) New York Mets Strong Point: The lineup. This team has a scary lineup where every batter 1 through 9 can drive in runs and get on base. If Jose Reyes can get over his collapse from September of last year, he can easily win the MVP this year. The man can steal 100 bases on his own, as well as hit 20 home runs and drive in 80-100 runs. Not too bad for a lead off man. David Wright is coming into his own, and is a force to be reckoned with. He hit . 325 last year, and will probably improve on that. They have Fernando Martinez in AAA this year, and in the next year or two will make the Mets lineup and be a force. This team could easily score 10 runs a game. Problem Child: Depth and Durability. In certain positions, the Mets have no depth and getting old. First Base could especially pose a problem. Carlos Delgado saw his numbers take a huge dive last year, and if he doesn’t do something, his average could hover right around .200. SP Pedro Martinez is 36, and far from durable. He’s been hurt for the majority of the past two seasons, and we really don’t know what’s left in the tank. Moises Alou is ancient, and backup Endy Chavez is not dependable in an everyday situation. Difference Maker: Johan Santana. The reigning Cy Young winner came to New York for one reason; to make sure what happened to the Mets in September does not happen again. If he stays healthy down the stretch, the Mets will win the division. If not, we could see the same thing we saw last year. 2) Philadelphia Phillies Strong Point: Three MVP’s? The middle of this lineup is deadly, and it’s because of the past two MVP’s. Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins are the anchor of this lineup, and if it wasn’t for an injury, second basemen Chase Utley could have easily won the MVP last
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nl east preview - NL East Preview 1) New York Mets Strong...

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