Feb 05 - Feb. 05 The glorification of the image of the...

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Feb. 05 The glorification of the image of the soldier in uniform. Fascism. Conservatism, socialism, and liberalism, is more focused on how a political system can best serve its citizens. Fascism reverses that belief to what matters most is the nation itself. Individuals can prosper, only if the nation prospers. Fascism is nationalism taken to the nth degree. Fascists argue that some people are naturally better than others. It is not a matter of social class, but of race and nationality. Some people are better than others precisely because they belong to a servient nation/race. Fascist argue that there are two basic qualities shared by all human beings, 1. All people are motivated by their emotions, not their reasoning. Fascists would argue that we are driven by our passions. 2. Everyone is fighting to survive. The quest for self motivation is the prime motivation. “Struggle is father to all things in the world.” –Adolph Hitler For fascist, the greater good to put themselves it the service of others, or another organization, which would pit them in this never ending, struggle. The duty of a nation to maximize life’s rewards, regardless of anyone else. If maximizing your potential while hurting others, so be it. A fascist state is characterized by 1. Absolute discipline 2. A ruling party 3. Complete utter submission to the leader Everything in society comes under the sway of the stats. There is no autonomous institution in a fascist state. All industry is nationalized, or at a minimum heavily regulated by the state, for the benefit of the state. Many scholars argue that fascism is a child of the 20 th century. 1.
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Feb 05 - Feb. 05 The glorification of the image of the...

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