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Sequence breakdown - Story visuals comments 1 Marion arrives at the Bates Motel after fleeing the cop It’s raining and she runs inside the office

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Story visuals comments 1. Marion arrives at the Bates Motel after fleeing the cop. It’s raining and she runs inside the office to find help. She sees creepy shadow figure in the window of the house. Norman Bates comes running to the office after she honks. 2. He seems especially nice at first. He seems creepy and nervous at the same time. Marion signs in. Bates goes to pick out the key and choose what room to put her in. He puts her in cabin one. They take about where they are and he goes to get her bags. 3. Bates brings Marion’s bags inside and tells her what is in the room. He mentions hangers and stationary, but when he opens up the bathroom and flicks the light on, he can’t say the word “bathroom”. He stutters around the word until Marion says it for him. Awkward silence. Bates invites Marion to dine with him. 4. Marion overhears a fight between Bates and his mother. He comes back down with food and they dine in his parlor. “It’s more than a hobby. They talk for a really long time about all different things. Bates goes into detail about his mother and how he hates but doesn’t hate her. Marion suggests putting her in an institution and Bates gets very defensive. 5. Marion goes back into her room to go to sleep and Bates jumps into action. He goes into his parlor and removes the picture on the wall, revealing a peep-hole. He looks and sees Marion undressing
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