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In the play Fences , the relationships between Troy and all the other characters seem to be a lot different than normal relationships you see in families. Troy seems like the kind of guy who either hates the world, or is just extremely bitter. He is pretty much just a very unlikable character. His relationship with his own son is so messed up, it made me question if they were even truly related. First off, Tory won’t even let his own son play college football. Cory was undeniable talent to play football and even has a shot at the pros. But Troy is convinced that because he played in a time where black people weren’t allowed to play,
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Unformatted text preview: Cory shouldnt be allowed either. This is definitely not fair to Cory at all, and it makes you hate Troy that much more. Troy also doesnt seem in much of a rush to have any type of contact whatsoever to have a relationship with his son. The poor kid tries every time he sees his father to have a talk with him, but Troy just isnt interested. I dont know what Troys problem is, but he is on track to have absolutely no contact with his son in the future....
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