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Before getting into the theme of the story, I’d first like to say that I thought this was a great story to read. It was very interesting, it kept me guessing the entire time and I wasn’t bored once during the entire. I actually think Oates should have kept the story going a little longer, because I don’t like how it ended. With that, I think the theme of this story was something along the lines of “respect your parents while you are growing up”. I think the fact that Connie disrespected her mother throughout the entire beginning of the story led to the overall plot of the story and what happened to her. Because Connie does not like her mother and doesn’t listen to her, that leads to her not wanting to go to the barbeque with her family later on, which in turn, obviously leads to Arnold Friend manipulating her and everything else that happens. I feel like this is a theme that a lot of us can relate to growing up. Most (if not all) of us have had issues with parents while growing up. While most of us by this time have
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Unformatted text preview: resolved those issues, the effects they could have had on us growing up are huge. Granted, while this kind of situation is rare, not getting along with your parents can lead to you being a very anti-social person, or getting involved with the wrong crowd. Connie hated her mother, which led her to that creepy place where Arnold Friend first saw her. If Connie didn’t have that problem, I doubt that she would have even ended up there that night at all. This theme can also be reversed. Parents are sometimes too strict with their kids which can lead to the kids trying to be rebels. Kids that are stuck inside for their entire childhood don’t get to experience life, and therefore feel the need to defy their parents once they get to the age where they feel they can. I feel like Connie is that type of girl, since her mom was so strict, that would be that kind of person. That is why she eventually went to the place she did, and she met creepy people like Arnold Friend, because of it....
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