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The poem I choose was A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns. The first thing that popped out at me is the fact he uses O at the beginning of the first and third lines. Without even reading the poem, that already catches my attention. I don’t know why this poem caught my eye, but when I was flipping through the pages I saw this one and automatically decided that I wanted to analyze it. The look of it is cool, because Burns uses intents on every other line, maybe to emphasize either those lines, or show that they aren’t as important. The O’s are also interesting, because he could’ve easily typed the word Oh, but he intentionally left out the h, I think more for visual effect then anything else. The next thing I noticed was that the word luve was not spelled like it supposed to. Again, I think it’s is to emphasize that word since the entire poem is how he’ll love her forever. He uses luve four times in the poem, and doesn’t spell it right once. I found that very interesting. The more obvious things about the poem is the end rhyme. He rhymes June and tune, as
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