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Unformatted text preview: Mike Rosenbloom Journal #1 "Dust of Snow" By Robert Frost Right away, when I saw the title of the poem "Dust of Snow", I imagined a dark setting. When I think of a dusting when related to snow, I think of dark time, a time when you want to stay away from the snow. I was intrigued by Frost's usage of "crow" and "snow" in lines 1 and 3. Those are two things you usually don't see related in poems unless the author is trying to create polar opposites. I also noticed that Frost did not go into any detail on anything he mentioned. He didn't explain what the crow looked like or what the dust of snow was. The second stanza seemed like it has the most hidden meaning. If you would be to take the more literal meaning, I'd say Frost had had a change of heart after seeing this crow and the dust of snow. Rued meaning is to feel sorrow or repent for something. My assumption is that the crow is maybe some kind of guardian angel for Frost who is helping him along and stopping him from doing something terrible. I think maybe that is why Frost chose not to describe the objects in detail, because they are not supposed to be taken literally at all. This poem was especially confusing for me to read. I re-read it several times and I'm still pretty baffled. The fact that Frost made the poem so short shows me that he wanted several different interpretations of his poem and I don't think there was meant for just one analysis about it. I don't really think there can be a wrong answer to this question, considering no one knows 100% what he meant about it. The form of the poem again shows how confusing this poem is. The fact that it is only eight lines shows that it was written to analyze several different times and I don't think Frost had a set meaning behind it. ...
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