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study guide final - Metaphor and Metonymy- the use of a...

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Metaphor and Metonymy- the use of a word for a concept with which the original concept behind this word is associated. Metonymy may be instructively contrasted with metaphor. Both figures involve the substitution of one term for another. While in metaphor this substitution is based on similarity, in metonymy the substitution is based on contiguity. In film, the use of images to represent other things Metaphor example : The ship plowed through the sea. ( plowed instead of navigated ) Metonymy example : The sails crossed the ocean. ( sails instead of ship with sails ) Expressionism- exaggerating the setting to match the film Classical Narrative- the most common Hollywood narrative, depends largely on the assumption that the action will spring primarily from individual characters as casual agents , other things will affect the characters, but the narrative comes from their own personality traits and decisions French Surrealism- automatic writing and painting, the search for bizarre or evocative imagery, the deliberate avoidance of rationally explicable form or style (sometimes used to express desire or the fantastic and marvelous) French New Wave- between the 50’s and 60’s, a style that used a casual look and a lot of camera movement, as well as casual humor and discontinuity editing (like in Breathless) , it tends to end ambiguously leaving the audience with questions Closed ending vs. Open ending- a closed ending leaves the audience with the answer and no room for a sequel, an open-ending leaves the audience with questions and no understanding, possibly for a sequel Kuleshov Effect- an editing effect that uses the audiences own emotions to make it seem
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study guide final - Metaphor and Metonymy- the use of a...

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