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Mike Rosenbloom PHI 110 Journal #1 Dr. Moen The Apology The most interesting to me in The Apology was the fact that Socrates was able to admit that was not wise. In a time where he had to defend himself, I was impressed by the fact that he was not at all arrogant. I was also interested by his interrogation of Meletus. I wasn’t necessarily impressed by it, but the dialogue back and forth was interesting to me, though I’m not 100% sure I understood it all. I think the author was just trying to show us that Socrates could stand up for
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Unformatted text preview: himself and for what he believed in. The story is called the apology but I found it more of a defense then I did an apology. I don’t really have a specific question but I would just like for the passage to be better explained to me. It’s a decent possibility that I misinterpreted the entire thing, and I would like someone who fully understands it to explain it to me....
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