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Mike Rosenbloom CIN 150 Dr. Lia Hotchkiss 11-29-07 Paper Proposal Film: Psycho General Topic: Camera work and setting in relation to characters Thesis: (Still in progress) Without the special camera angles and surrounding, Psycho would be nothing more than just an ordinary movie Sequence: The hotel scene. From the time Marion meets Norman Bates the first time, all the way until when she is murdered. Highlights: Eating dinner in the parlor with Bates while he is staring at her. Bates watching her through his picture in the parlor while she undresses. The murder
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Unformatted text preview: scene itself. I feel especially that those three scenes are important because we get a sense of who Norman Bates is as a person. That is important because since the main character we have all gotten to know is going to be killed off and we need someone new and interesting to take her place. The fact that we know Norman is creepy makes us all the more interested to find out what turned him into what he is....
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