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Jan. 08 What does micro-politics have to do with elections, wars, and disasters? Now in 2008 Season Caucuses in Iowa last week New Hampshire primary today Who turns up? Different Demographics Different political outlooks Who do they like? Personal Qualities Charisma Height Presentation What is it about the person? Why do I like better Candidate A vs. Candidate B Who is it that I am most likely to correlate with best? The ability to associate with the candidate Familial ties Ethnic/Social Background What difference does it make? Hilary Clinton showing weakness is it a ploy for publicity or is it genuine humanity? Wars Wars are important and dramatic.
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Unformatted text preview: Affect daily prices Fluctuations in consumer goods How do wars affect politics at the level of individuals? Either approve/disapprove of choices What happens to policies? What happens to preferences? Political affiliations change How do people learn about what a war means for them? Direct/Indirect association Disasters Hurricane Katrina affects people’s views of the competence of government FEMA Presidents frequent vacations Also the total breakdown of all services created a “state of nature” that shows why the government exists What happens in time of Tornado/Earthquake/Blizzard?...
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