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Jan 17 - -Politician’s number one objective is to get...

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Jan. 17 When government is the problem? -Governments often abuse basic rights. -Patriot Act, propagated to protect us from another 9-11. -Allows the NSA to have full power in personal life -Libertarians argue that government is necessary, but it is a necessary evil. -“Any society that sacrifices freedom for liberty or security deserves neither!” -Governments cause economic inefficiency -Government regulations/intervention will distort the structure of the economy -DMV, USPS -Goods tend to be undersupplied and over-priced -Government employees have “job-protection” meaning they can’t be fired! Regardless of output, they get paid the same!
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Unformatted text preview: -Politician’s number one objective is to get re-elected-A zero-sum game, one persons game is another persons loss Anarchists agree with Rousseau, that governments destroy communities. By definition, government implies power and therefore inequality. Those with power can corrupt it, and those without power can do nothing. What is Comparative Politics?-To understand the idea that knowledge of the self is gained through knowledge of others. The comparative method is an excellent antidote to ethnocentrisms. -Eliminate the global Semitism towards a certain group Alexis de Tocqueville Democracy In America...
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