Jan 29 - Jan. 29 Midterm Part 1 is strictly off of...

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Midterm Part 1 is strictly off of readings. All exams are open notes. 1. Articulate thesis 2. How does the author articulate? 3. Relevance Part 2 Essay Will cover lecture and readings. Bring Large blue books, black or blue ink. OPEN NOTES! There is no curve Liberalism The 19 th century was the Liberal century. The liberals promoted freedom, liberty. Many countries that have followed this line of thinking are Liberal Democracies. Liberal Democracies 1. Limit Government Power 2. Protect Civil Liberties 3. Political office is gained through competitive open elections. The idea of economic freedom is politically intertwined. The right to own, use, and dispense private property is indispensable. Originally liberalism was a radical idea that was establishing change. Eventually, Liberalism had come to stand less for change but more for conservation. Early liberals wanted minimal government interference in every day life. Modern liberals believe that the government should be held responsible for the benefit of the citizens. 1. Classical liberalism: Republicans 2. Modern liberalism: Modern Core underlying unity at the heart of liberal thinking: the commitment to the value of Individual freedom. Individualism: the primary importance of the significance, the prominence of the individual over the collected. Your identity is a derivative of your collective identity. It is from the collective down; your family lineage. The break down of the Feudal system in Europe. Prior to the enlightenment, the only way to make your life better was to die. The idea behind the enlightenment, we human Beings ourselves can become gods. How? The power of Reason, the power of Progress. = The Liberal Tradition, the focus on the Individual. Individual’s posses the Human rights. Therefore, society should be constructed in such a way, that the individual’s interest is protected. Society is simply a collection of individuals, each seeking his or her own need. Human beings are socially responsible.
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Jan 29 - Jan. 29 Midterm Part 1 is strictly off of...

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