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Mike Rosenbloom AUCW 180 MW 2:55-4:10 Odyssey Paper The word “home” in The Odyssey is a word that is both describes a place and a feeling. The place part of that is obvious. Ithaca was Odysseus’ home. It was where he lived and where he grew up. The feeling part is the part that has meaning. Ithaca was not just Odysseus’ home; it was where he wanted to be. It was a place that surrounded him with people who loved him and cared about him. Odysseus’ travels over twenty years made him realize how much he missed the people around him. This becomes especially obvious when it says “Off he sat on a headland, weeping there as always”. (Od V, 93) He is not the type of guy to cry on a daily basis. Odysseus was known as a strong warrior throughout Greek mythology and hearing that a warrior is weeping isn’t something you’d expect to hear. By that point, he had been gone almost twenty years, and he missed his wife. Home, to him, means a place where he can be able to lay in bed with his wife every night, and be re-united with his son, who he only knew as an infant. Personally, I don’t think it mattered where he was, as long as they were there. Odysseus got dragged from his home to fight in this war, when it really had nothing to do with him. He was allies with Agamemnon, and was forced to fight to keep the alliance going and therefore, was taken away from his home. As for a point of origin, the entire story revolves around his journey to get back to
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Odyssey paper - Mike Rosenbloom AUCW 180 MW 2:55-4:10...

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